Tzatziki is the traditional Greek yogurt dip that's served with pita bread, often as a condiment for souvlaki.

  • Strain Greek plain yogurt (using cheese cloth or a clean white dish towel in a colander over a bowl, ideally overnight). Yogurt will lose 1/4 to 1/2 of volume, I start with a whole tub.

  • Peel and grate a large English cucumber. Mix with 1 tbsp white wine vinegar and a large pinch of kosher salt, set aside for a while (at least 15 minutes). Drain using strainer and paper towels, squeeze out all the liquid. You can also let it sit overnight along side the yogurt.

  • In food processor, combine

    • 1-3 cloves of garlic

    • 3 tbsp good olive oil, ideally Greek

    • 1 tbsp dried Greek wild oregano

    • small pinch of salt

    • bit of black pepper

    • juice and pulp of 2 lemons

    • some fresh dill

    • and process until garlic and lemon is completely broken down

  • Fold everything together in a bold and let sit for a few hours, ideally overnight